Here are some of the testimonials received about Rick Thornley and RCT Construction.

This testmonial of support for Rick Thornley and RCT Construction is given freely and unsolicited.

I have known Rick Thornley, for over 40 years. During that time we have worked together on a number of projects. I have found Rick, to be honest, reliable and very trustworthy.

While Rick Thornley, is willing to attempt to complete any project presented to him, he is keenly aware of his own strengths as well as his limitations. He completed custom foundation work on one of my houses and assisted in getting it ready to be sold. He also did some consulting work for a construction project. He literally saved me thousands of dollars in pre and post construction costs.

 He has always performed with a 100% satisfaction rating. I recommend Rick Thornley and RCT Construction without hesitation or reservation. He will complete your project with complete satisfaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further explanation or clarification.

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter, Owner of Pizza Therapy
E-mail: albert@pizzatherapy.com
Phone: 808-781-8000


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  1. Allison Schwartz says:

    We’ve been so satisfied with Rick’s work that he’s just completed his fourth project on our home in the last three years. From foundation maintenance & radon abatement, to total bathroom and kitchen remodels, Rick has been thoroughly reliable and professional. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and on-time project finishes make him a contractor worth seeking out.

    Not only have we found Rick’s work exemplary, but we’ve trusted Rick enough to leave town while our remodeling work is being done. He has shown nothing but good judgment in our absence. He chooses reliable and friendly subcontractors, promptly answers his phone and email, and ensures everything is finished to satisfaction.

    The value, comfort and style of our home has been greatly improved by the capable hands of Rick Thornley. Thanks Rick!

    The Schwartz Family, Boulder, CO

  2. Don Hain says:

    Iam a painting contractor and Rick has hired me to work on several of his projects. I have been in the business for 30 years and Rick pays attention to detail and quality like few other contractors I’ve worked with. He’s committed to bringing value to his clients on schedule. He communicates extremely well with his clients but also with his sub-contactors to create a smooth cost efficient outcome.

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